Top 5 Firefox Extensions That You Must Have (But Don’t), Plus 20 More Extensions

The following Mozilla Firefox extensions are the best of the best. After you install these five extensions, you will soon wonder how you used Firefox without them because the extensions will be useful day after day. There is no reason to not be having the optimum browsingFirefox Extensions experience. Using Firefox to surf the Internet without these extensions is almost like driving a car with the emergency brake on – there is no reason to drive/surf slower or less productively if all it takes is one click to improve your experience.

Unfortunately, at least 90% of Internet users have not even heard about at least one of the top five extensions below. These extensions are so useful and so mandatory, that DecisionCare recommends that Mozilla create a version of Firefox with these extensions hardcoded into Firefox.

Top 5 Firefox Extensions for everyone that you must download:

  • Firefox 3: Firefox 3 is so much faster and efficient than Firefox 2 that everyone should upgrade first before doing anything else. It is not an extension, but downloading this is the most important thing you can do.
  • AdBlock Plus: The most important Firefox extension: it will filter out hundreds of ads when you surf webpages. Webpages will load cleaner, faster, and will have almost zero ads. If you support the blogger you are reading, you can turn off adblock plus for sites you support with one click (right click and disable on this website). Regardless, the ability to remove ads from ever appearing again with the touch of a button is very satisfying and useful.
  • Customize Google: If you use Google, this extension will save you hours of your time over the long run. Download this extension, go to options, and enable streaming search results. You will never ever have to press the Next button after seeing every 10 search results. This will increase your productivity at least 2 times when searching because in the same time it would have previously taken for you to click on the Next button and wait for more results, you now will already have seen the next 10 results, decided what to do and moved on. Extremely useful extension.
  • Download StatusBar: The Firefox Download Manager is unecessarily complicated. Download StatusBar places your downloads where you can see them, and double clicking on the download opens it for you. So easy a child can use it. I don’t understand why Firefox has not adopted this as the default manager.
  • Speed Dial: If you have used Google Chrome or Opera, you realize how useful this is. Open up your browser, see 9 of your top used websites, click on the one you are interested in.

Chances are you have not heard of at least one or two of these. Download the extensions today by clicking on the links and I guarantee that after downloading all of these in less than 5 minutes and learning the basics of how to use these, you will feel at least twice as more productive when you start using them.

If you have used Firefox for some time, you should also check out the extensions below. These are tested and approved to be some of the best Firefox extensions on the internet. You must at least try out some of the extensions below. They may improve your productivity significantly and only take 2 min to download.

Top Extensions for people who use Firefox significantly (>1 hour/day)

  • IE Tab: Opens IE websites in Firefox. After downloading this, you will never need IE again.
  • Sxipper: If you fill out forms often, this will save you lots of time – prefills forms exactly how you want it (e.g. choose whether you want to fill out the form your real email address or with an email address used for spam).
  • Minimap Addon: In the future, we will have map-books just like we have address books. Minimap is your map-book. Any time you search for a store or location near your home, Minimap will save the location in a list, and when you view your city in Google Maps next time you can see all the locations you have been to on the map. Saves time if you use Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc… to find directions, or if you are planning errands.

Top Extensions for Advanced/Power Users:

  • Ubiquity: Although only developed a few weeks ago, Ubiquity will change how you use the Internet if you are an advanced user. The number of options is incredible. Give it a chance if you have the time.
  • Google Gears: If you are an advanced user, you will have already downloaded this by now. If you haven’t yet, you are probably not an advanced user.
  • DownThemAll: If you need to download multiple files from a website, download this first. Saves time in the long run, rather than clicking on one hundred links to download.
  • Greasemonkey: This extension uses user-created scripts to improve your experience on certain websites (like having more control over how Gmail looks).

The following extensions are the best in their category:

For Social Networkers (Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter users, etc..):

For Productivity/GTD:

  • Remember the Milk for Gmail : If you use RTM or are into GTD and use Gmail, this is the best extension.
  • Better Gmail 2: Improves Gmail, period.
  • TimeTracker: Monitors time on Firefox.
  • Ubiquity: Makes every task on the Internet faster if you know how to use it.
  • Google Chrome: Not an extension, but if you use a lot of Web 2.0 apps, then Google Chrome will dramatically improve the speed at which they load.

For Students:

  • Zotero : For keeping track of research papers/citations.
  • GTranslate/Ubiquity: For learning languages.
  • Scrapbook : For highlighting, bookmarking research on the Internet. Very useful for large projects or historical purposes.

Thanks for looking at the best Firefox extensions on the Internet. All of the extensions mentioned are listed because these will dramatically improve your productivity and not waste your time (i.e. we think none of these are unnecessary or superfluous). If you want to chat about this list, or strongly feel like I should add an extension that you think is important, please leave a comment, or tweet me. We want to make this post the best page on the Internet for Firefox, and required reading for all those who download/use Firefox.

We are publishing this article at Decisioncare because we want our readers to be at the forefront of browser technology.

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