Musharraf, Eclipses and Astrology

On August 11, 1999 a total solar eclipse took place saw the Sun and Moon form a Grand Cross with Mars, Saturn. This is also the birth date of current President Musharraf of Pakistan (the birth year 1942/1943 however is not confirmed). A few days after the eclipse, Pervez Musharraf , a former commando, came to power in a military coup on October 12th. This year saw a total solar eclipse on 1st August to be followed by upcoming partial lunar eclipse on August 16th 2008. President Musharraf is about to face impeachment proceedings against him after surviving a turbulent period of the region.

The outcome of impeachment proceedings will tell the effect of August eclipses on Musharraf’s fate (his birth date of this year falling between the two eclipses). With Mars entering Virgo on August 10th, according to Indian Vedic astrology, the impeachment proceedings in Pakistan will usher in a new phase in the history of Pakistan.

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