Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage do not necessarily go together. Some marriages are permeated with love, some with indifference, some with loyalty, some with treachery, some with quarrels, some with lawsuits, some with divorce and some marred by loss of spouse. This large variation in marriages comes from the strength and placement of planets in horoscopes of the soul mates.

Fifth house represents house of romance and love, seventh house that of spouse. A strong interaction between fifth and seventh lord, for example, predicts love marriage and when aspected by benefics like strong Jupiter or venus promises a life-long happy marriage. A strong Jupiter alone connected with Seventh house represents loyalty and fulfilling family life, weak Mars denotes quarrels and lawsuits, Rahu suggests treachery, whereas any one of weak Saturn and Mars can be responsible for divorce and death.

Love and marriage, both together come from benefics like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or strong exalted planets in horoscope. Vedic Astrology can help us understand what is in store for each of us and how to guide our lives with the best that we can avail.

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