Eclipse Astrology Essentials

Eclipses have tremendous influence on human lives. It is important for every one to know the significance of these celestial events on their lives. There are five essentials in Vedic Astrology for recognizing the astrological influence of eclipses. (You need to know your horoscope and moon sign which you can get for free at .  The five essentials  are: Continue reading Eclipse Astrology Essentials

Kleptomania and Planets

Kleptomania is the habit of stealing for the sake of stealing. It is part of the obsessive-compulsive disorder spectrum, however current thinking suggests it may be more similar to addictive and mood disorders. Kleptomaniacs are likely to have paranoid, schizoid or borderline personality disorder. Their stealing activity usually begins during puberty and usually lasts until late adulthood and sometimes may continue throughout life. It is theft and when it is found in children or even adults belonging to affluent families, it becomes a matter of anxiety, for it affects honor.

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