Capricorn 2014 Horoscope Astrology

Capricorn would have an interesting year as the high activity in career will continue.

Pressures will be very high. Hard work would have to be exceptional too. But this all will give you very good growth and returns eventually.

There would be chances of marriage or a new partnership after June 2014. New opportunities and alliances from foreign lands might come about in the second half of the year.

Your thinking and outlook could be pessimistic and negative after July 2014.

Be careful and avoid getting bugged down by negative thoughts. Beyond November 2014, your income will rise substantially, you would make very high gains and all the hard work of the past should give you excellent returns after November 2014.

Overall a positive year as long as you work hard and do not misuse your authority. There could be exceptional growth and gains for you. Continue reading Capricorn 2014 Horoscope Astrology