Marriage Compatibility Decisions and Astrology

Marriage decisions often involves questions about psycho-physical compatibility, possible marital discord and longevity of marriage, its timing, nature of spouse and other details. The questions are so complex that most of them are hardly worked out before any marriage . However, every couple to be married believes that most of these questions are resolved in the positive and a few, which are not, can be settled later amicably. If the couples didn’t believe so, perhaps the institution of marriage would have ceased to exist long ago. Vedic astrological texts provide guidelines to analyze answers to these complex questions from the horoscopes (birth charts) of the would-be couple and warn of the appropriateness of the decision in terms of long-term happiness. Decision about marriage date can also be made based on mahadasa-dasa planetary timing methods of Vedic astrology.

We at DecisionCare aim to take the “future marital unhappiness

Debt Decisions and Astrology

How much debt to take and when to take? This is an important issue. If the risks are not assessed accurately, the results can be devastating. The miserable plight of many of today

Venture Capital Decisions and Astrology

Venture capital investor has to make a decision to invest in a high risk venture, with typically significant negative cash flows and a high risk long term return. Venture capital groups base their investment decisions on a large number of selection criteria: experience of the entrepreneur and of the senior executive team, type of products, market potential, nature of the assets (tangible or not), adaptation of criteria depending on the stage of development of the financed project, etc.. There have been attempts to develop knowledge-based evaluation and modeling of failure risk, but the results are far from satisfactory. Principles of Vedic astrology and its unique timing methods can reduce investment uncertainties when combined with the currently prevalent quantitative knowledge-based approaches.

We at DecisionCare aim to take the “risk” out of venture capital investment decisions as much as possible for all investors at an affordable cost. Our approach will be to combine Vedic astrological principles with principles of venture capital risk evaluation methods. Our team members are unique in possessing dual expertise of having direct experience of venture capital financing as well as Vedic astrology.

Legal Decisions and Astrology

Legal decisions often involve questions about whether or not to bring lawsuit or the outcome of a case already filed. In addition one is faced with questions like the best time for a deposition or for the best time to bring a lawsuit. Timing for almost any event, e.g., mailing a demand letter, filing the initial complaint, scheduling meetings, hearings or even trial, if possible, also need to be determined. Principles of Vedic astrology combined with legal sources like trial transcripts, depositions, casebooks, law reviews, law reports and other documents, can guide us to better decision making in both civil and criminal cases. Unique timing methods of Vedic astrology can direct us in electing the most auspicious time and date for desired results.

We at DecisionCare aim to guide legal decision making at an affordable cost. Our approach is to combine Vedic astrological principles with legal sources and deliver the decision making guidance via individuals well-trained in both law and astrology.

Corporate Decisions and Astrology

Corporations are like individuals constantly making decisions for survival and growth. Combined with principles of business and risk management, Vedic astrology can guide and time these decisions. Vedic astrology can address accurately many issues of corporate life for greater profit and success, for example,

  • Selecting new line of business for growth
  • Timing of new project initiation for best returns
  • Selection of management and leading personnel
  • Team-building for new ventures
  • Selecting geographical locations of business
  • Timing of Corporate restructuring
  • Timing of Investments

We at DecisionCare aim to provide corporate and small businesses advice in decision making at an affordable cost. Our approach will be to combine Vedic astrological principles with principles of corporate business mangement and deliver the benefits via individuals well-trained in both subjects.

Astrology and Career Decisions

All of us are involved with making career decisions, often several times in life. An ideal approach to selecting a career is to evaluate ones’ strengths and weaknesses, inner feelings, determination and potential and then choose the appropriate “fulfilling” career. This in itself is a fairly complex and difficult task to accomplish. Vedic astrology provides us very accurate insight into the inner potential of an individual based on his/her birth chart and can direct towards suitable career decisions.

However, as we all know, career of a person is also strongly determined by the opportunities that come to a person. These are beyond the control of the individual. Circumstances (and these are of innumerable variety) determine the evolution of an individual career path and direction. Every individual career is marked with periods of critical action, satisfaction as well as anguish and disruption. For some these periods are short while for others they are prolonged and intense. There are many who are always faced with career decisions, looking for a new career, change in a career, progress in present career ans so on. Vedic astrology has unique timing methods to capture evolution of individual career path and direction. Planetary transit system combined with mahadasa delineation can provide accurate glimpse of what is to come in time and thus aid in career decision making.

We at DecisionCare aim to take the “stress” out of career decisions as much as possible for all persons around the globe at an affordable cost based on our Vedic astrological analysis. We can time these crucial career events so that the individual can be aware of career scenarios and enjoy and face them as they evolve.

Genetics and Astrology in Healthcare Decisions

Disease identification via genetics is the recent trend in biotechnology research. Bioinformatics and gene expression microarray technologies support our current thinking that all our diseases and health problems are primarily “inherited in our genes”. Significant research is being directed towards decoding of individual human genome decoding. The aim is that we can create an encyclopedia of specific gene-disease state links. This current trend of genetics is fully in agreement with Vedic astrology and medicine practice.

Vedic astrology provides an extensive encyclopedia of disease states linking to planetary conditions at birth. Vedic and even ancient Greek medical experts were also experts in astrology. They used astrological principles to guide their medical and healthcare decisions. The astrological chart at the time of birth determines the health conditions of an individual. These health conditions manifeste as the individual lives his life through different time periods of his life as predicted by chart. The astrological chart thus provides a powerful diagnostic tool for healthcare decision making.

The theoretical connection between genetics and astrology remains to be established and perhaps will be done satisfactorily as medical science and physics advance.

But for the time being, we must exploit the connections that we observe and use astrology and genetics both in deciding about disease handling by individuals trained in both branches of science.

Our goal at DecisionCare is to bring this vast knowledge of Vedic astrology in human healthcare decision making to all around the globe in a affordable manner via individuals who are trained in both branches of science. We will take up this subject in great depth in our future blogs and welcome constructive critical contributions from all.

What is DecisionCare

We make decisions all the time. Many of these decisions are made without effort as we are in control of the situation. We know the pros and cons and how they will or will not impact our lives. But there are always a few decisions at any moment that consume our vital energy causing stress and we look for guidance. We have no grip on the situation. It may be due to lack of information or our inability to assess the impact due to unknown factors. The search for effortless, stress less decision making is what makes the woes and achievements of all humans from the ordinary to the greatest.

Our goal is to provide every person around the globe with DecisionCare, guiding decisions that will steer him or her towards his or her destined existence. There have been well-developed techniques of decision making mostly accessible to the privileged to this date. These techniques have remained esoteric and surrounded with myths often for the monetary benefit of the few select practitioners. Our goal is to make these same successful techniques available to one and all for decision making in their everyday lives at low-cost. The technological advancements make it feasible today. Our motto is to demystify the science behind these techniques and let every person have the affordable choice to access them whenever he needs them

We will use scientific principles of Vedic Astrology for guiding decision making. Our experience with decision making in our own personal lives as well as in those of thousands of others who have come in contact with us verifies the truth of Vedic astrology. We do not hesitate to use the words