Blog Carnival

What is this site and what is a blog carnival?
A blog carnival posts a set of links to recent articles from blogs about a subject such as Vedic Astrology.
This site is the homepage for the Vedic Astrology Blog Carnival, which tries to showcase the best Vedic /Indian astrology posts on the Internet. We invite submissions from bloggers and readers, and choose the best articles. We then post links to the articles along with a brief summary of each entry. We invite all bloggers to submit their best articles so readers can read all the best articles in one place.
Currently, there is no continuously updated vedic astrology website which combines all the best recent articles on vedic astrology. By submitting your article to the carnival, your blog traffic will increase because it will be included in the list of best and recent articles which every reader will want to read.
The carnival is hosted at DecisionCare but links will be provided to every blog that participates. Soon, there will be an archive page where readers can read previous blog carnivals.
What is the purpose of the carnival?
The Vedic Astrology Blog Carnival has two primary purposes:
  • To provide lesser-known vedic astrology bloggers with the opportunity to gain some exposure and attract a wider audience.
  • To showcase the best that a wide range of vedic astrology blogs have to offer, in one convenient location, for the benefit of vedic-astrology-inclined readers.

Ideally, it may help serve as a ‘bridge’ between astrologers, students of astrology, and interested laypeople. Hopefully, we can get cross-blog dialogue of important vedic astrology topics between the leading astrologers on the internet.

Submissions Wanted:
We need submissions for posts to include in the carnival. Do you have a vedic astrology blog? If so, simply choose a favorite from among your recent posts, and use the BlogCarnival submissions form to submit the link, or send us an email through our contact form with your name, website, email address and link to the article you wish to submit.

Don’t be shy, we want to hear from you, that’s the whole point of this project! Your post doesn’t need to be anything earth-shattering – it just needs to be something that other vedic astrology-minded people might enjoy reading. (Note that not all submissions are ultimately accepted, in order to keep the links page at a reasonable size. But you can always try again next round.)

How many submissions can I make?
We would ask that you restrain yourself to two submissions per blog per carnival date. We welcome repeat participants in future carnivals, however. In two weeks, we will again hold another carnival: so you will have plenty of time to write/submit a new article!

Blog Carnival submission form - philosophers' carnival

Can I nominate someone else’s post?
Sure! Simply use the standard submission form, but please take care to specify that you are not the author of the post being submitted. (That way we can honour the author’s personal preference if they submit a different post on their own.)

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